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Firefighter stepped in to save a dog’s life


Firefighter stepped in to save a dog’s life

Crystal came home to discover that her apartment is on fire and her dog names Nalu was trapped inside and she could get past the smoke to save him. Luckily, a fire fighter Andrew Klien from Santa Monica Fire Department rescued the dog from the burning apartment but the dog  was unconscious and wasn’t breathing.

“I discovered him amidst all the smoke and the heat. I grabbed him and as soon as I grabbed him I knew that he was unresponsive just by his dead weight,” he said.

Without hesitation and no time to spare Klien performed CPR on Nalu including mouth to mouth resuscitation and after spending over 20 minutes trying to revive the dog, Klien managed to bring Nalu back to life

“Our goal is to save people, and sometimes we’re not able to do that despite our best efforts. But to have a success story just like this, even with Nalu being a dog, I mean again he’s a life and he’s a life that matters. That was just a great morale booster for all of the guys here in our department” The Fire Fighter said.

What’s even better was no one else was hurt or injured due to the fire and the fire fighters was able to put the fire out within 10 minutes

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