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GitLab 3 - GITLAB Blog »

The awesome open web interface for git just reached version 3.0. If you are looking for a private GitHub alternative to boost you team connectivity, take GitLab for a spin.

Automation with Git Hooks »

As web developers, we always want to speed up our workflows, right? Of course, automation is the best way to do that. In this quick tip, I’ll teach you one way to use Git hooks to automate part of your development workflow.

  1. How to price your products and what message the price itself brings to the possible clients.
  2. Another article on responsive advertising.
  3. Git basics for a small team.
  4. PSD info parser in CoffeeScript.
  5. Why the height and the visual border also matters in responsive design.

Bonus: Paul Irish shares this useful local cache plugin for jQuery AJAX requests.

  1. Paul Boag discusses the things he learnt during his career in the web.
  2. How string values work in Ruby.
  3. Yesterday we posted credit card detection script, today we post some cc icons.
  4. Git for newbies.
  5. Another useful grid tool.