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The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story »

So, when Mark Zuckerberg said HTML5 wasn’t ready, we took a little offense to the comment.

We thought to ourselves: HTML5 can’t really be the reason that Facebook’s mobile application was slow. We knew what the browser on modern smart phones was capable of and what kind of rich capabilities HTML5 offered. We saw the latest generation of mobile devices — running at least iOS 5 or Android 4.1 — push ever increasing performance and HTML5 implementation scores. But perhaps most importantly, we’d seen what our customers were building and the amazing things they were creating using HTML5.

I’ve tried Sencha’s Facebook client and it seems very snappy. In this article they provide useful tips on how to achieve this kind of speed and native feel by using web technologies and html 5 APIs. 

The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard »

A marvellous article by Information Architects on formatting text for the web. I totally agree that the future of web design is all about clean typography and proper use of white-space. In addition to this great text I would also add that there are tons of things that we can learn from print magazines and newspapers. After all web design moved back to print inspired layouts, but this time we have the proper tools to do this right.