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Twitter Bootstrap Edition

Today Twitter released Bootstrap 2.0 - the new and highly anticipated version of their popular frontend framework by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. After its release in 2011 Bootstrap gained a lot of attention among the developers and not long ago its repository became the most watched open source project on Github.
By popular demand version 2.0 includes new responsive grid, huge icon pack and lots of new components, like nav lists, enhanced drop-down buttons, accordion, carousel and all-directions tabs.  
We dedicate this issue of The Daily Web to Bootstrap, as one of the most useful open source projects for web development in the past couple of years, helping hundreds of web developers to kickstart their apps. 
  1. Upgrade notes for those of you who use version 1.4
  2. An unofficial gallery of sites built with Twitter Bootstrap
  3. SASS implementation of Bootstrap (still for 1.4)
  4. How to integrate Bootstrap with Rails 3.1
  5. Formtastic and Tabulous implementation with Bootstrap
  1. Another Nettuts article from the series for web APIs.
  2. Collection of javascript patterns and code snippets.
  3. And yet again we post a Twitter Bootstrap article. This one explores the depths of The Grid.
  4. Auto-detect CC type in your form.
  5. What to do next, and how to improve yourself. Web-wise.
  1. As the technology evolves, so does the design process. Mobile first, responsive and touch designs are the main themes of this post.
  2. A study on the tel links. Best practices and tips for linking to a telephone number in your site/app.
  3. Mark Otto shares the creative process behind the development of Twitter Bootstrap.
  4. We love Twitter Bootstrap, so this is a helpful utility for kickstart development and customization with the awesome Twitter framework.
  5. Gem for Ruby to integrate the Cambelt placeholder service.